O- Ring Mat

40x60cms, 40x70cms
45x75cms, 50x80cms
60x80cms, 50x100cms
80x120cms, 100x150cms 100x200cms

22mm, 16mm for all sizes

Product Features

  • Ideal for walkways, commercial warehouses, playgrounds, grass retention, school fields and demanding conditions such as ice, snow prone locations
  • Heavy-duty anti-fatigue
  • Holes for drainage in wet areas
  • Can cover larger areas using connectors to join the mats together
  • Indoor/outdoor use

Product Description

O- Ring Mat’s natural rubber composition makes it an extremely heavy-duty all-purpose mat. The O-Ring mat comes with easy drainage holes to accommodate any debris. Having universal application, this is the ultimate mat for the retention of mud in playgrounds and on the grass in high traffic areas. It is also suitable in heavy industrial and factory environments

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